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Best Practices to Design eCommerce Product Pages that Drive Better Sales



Running an ecommerce store in 2023 is no cakewalk. Due to the fierce competition in the industry, online merchants always struggle to gain the desired exposure and attract better sales. While there are several factors that may restrict ecommerce businesses from generating higher sales, poorly designed product pages are at the top of the list. 

Your product pages are probably the first thing a customer will notice about your website, especially if they’ve landed from SERP after searching for a particular product. Consequently, if these pages aren’t optimized to deliver an optimal shopping experience to customers, they’ll fail to engage shoppers. 

Our expert ecommerce web developers suggest merchants should always focus on designing product pages that can engage customers and encourage them to the next phase of the sales funnel. 

To help you along the way, we have put together a comprehensive guide on how to design product pages for your ecommerce store that’ll help you unlock new sales opportunities. 

1. Use High-Quality and Clear Product Images

Psychologically, a human brain can interpret visual content such as pictures and videos more clearly than text. And, in a world where the average attention span has reduced down to 5 seconds, you can’t expect to win customers with product descriptions alone. 

This is where product pictures come into the play. The general thumb rule says that your website’s product pages must contain high-quality and clear product images so that they can easily communicate the product details with the customers. 

Ideally, you should hire a team of professional photographers to capture high-quality product photos in a well-lit environment. For each product, make sure to upload multiple pictures shot from different angles. This will make it easier for users to analyze the product from all angles and make the right decision accordingly.

You can also ask your ecommerce web development team to upload 360-degree product pictures along with the regular ones to ensure customers can easily have a virtual tour of the entire product. 

Keep in mind that having plenty of high-quality product pictures will boost customer retention and help you drive better sales without any hassle. 

2. Write a Compelling Product Description 

Now, even though visual content offers better customer engagement, you still can’t leave your product pages without a prominent description. The product description gives you the liberty to convey every piece of information about the product in a detailed manner.

However, instead of penning down an entire paragraph, make sure to use bullet points, sub-headings to make these descriptions more compelling and visually engaging. Use a font that’s consistent with other text on your website. 

You can also perform A/B testing to test different writing styles and tones to decide which ones align with your business. This will help you increase your conversions in the longer run and multiply your sales more conveniently. 

3. Upload an Unboxing Video

Along with the product pictures, you can also upload unboxing and explainer videos on your product pages to engage shoppers more effectively. 

Unboxing videos can help shoppers get familiar with your product and even understand the installation. This can become extremely helpful, especially when we’re talking about a product whose installation process is a bit complicated. 

Your unboxing and explainer videos will help users install the product without any external help. Consequently, they are more likely to return to your website in future and become a long-term customer. 

4. Optimize Your Call-to-Actions

While penning down an ecommerce development guide, every ecommerce web developer emphasizes the importance of call-to-actions. 

Ask any expert and they’ll tell you how critical call-to-actions are for an ecommerce website. But, that doesn’t mean that call-to-actions will always help you boost conversions. It’s equally important to optimize them so that they align with customers’ shopping preferences and drive better sales. 

Amazon is a great example for changing its call-to-actions to meet the user expectations most effectively. For instance, when you visit a product page on Amazon in the USA, you’ll see an “Add to Cart” button. However, the same product page when visited in the UK will display the “Add to Basket” button. 

You can follow Amazon’s footsteps as well and optimize the CTAs so that they instantly attract the shoppers.Experiment with different color options to finalize CTAs that not only align with your website’s color scheme, but also engage the shoppers instantly. 

5. Don’t Undervalue Upselling and Cross-Selling (Even in 2023)

Up-selling and cross-selling have always been among the best ecommerce practices to drive better sales and increase average order value. Let’s define both these terminologies to understand the benefits of upselling and cross-selling more effectively. 

Up Selling refers to the process of strategically promoting the advanced version of a product the customer is trying to purchase. For instance, someone is looking to buy a beard trimmer. In this situation, you can promote a premium or higher model of the trimmer with better features that costs relatively higher than the original product. 

Cross Selling, on the other hand, is the strategy where an ecommerce business promotes similar items to increase the overall cart value. For instance, you can showcase beard oil and other grooming products to a person planning to buy a trimmer. 

Using both these marketing strategies across your product pages will yield better revenue and help you sell more. However, don’t go overboard with either upselling or cross-selling as they might also backfire and cost you valuable customers. 

6. Highlight Customer Reviews

Customer reviews act as a social proof for any ecommerce business. They tell new shoppers how a particular product was and their shopping experience with your company. 

As a business owner, you can utilize these reviews as a marketing tool for your brand and attract more buyers. Display these customer reviews on your product pages and they’ll bring in more sales right away.

Now, when it comes to displaying customer testimonials, every ecommerce business follows a different approach. 

For instance, Amazon displays full-fledged reviews at the end of the product page whereas many small-scale ecommerce businesses display these reviews in a dedicated fold in tabular form. 

7. Don’t Forget About Page Loading Speed

In the quest to improve the shopping experience for your customers, don’t forget to prioritize the page loading speed. 

On an average, shoppers are not going to wait for more than 3 seconds for a web page to load. Once again, the average attention span has dropped down drastically, which means your site’s speed will play a significant role in turning website visitors into potential customers. 

One of the easiest ways to optimize the page loading speed is to compress your product images so that they don’t interfere with the loading speed. Our ecommerce web development experts suggest that you should use compression tools that reduce the image size but don’t damage the product quality at all. 

The Bottom Line

Optimizing product pictures is an effective way to skyrocket your sales drastically. The above-mentioned practices will help you make your product pages more user-centric and instantly encourage customers to navigate through the entire sales funnel. If you’re looking for an expert ecommerce development company to build a sales-driven ecommerce website, NetSpark Solutions is your answer. With an in-house team of skilled ecommerce developers, we have the required expertise to design sales-driven online stores that drive sales and help merchants grow their revenue.

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Professional IT executive & business leader by passion having a keen interest in delivering market-centric web & mobile solutions.

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